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You know, I like your gratitude lists a lot. Maybe I should start one too. It really helps to put things in perspective for me when I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the difficulties of life, but I don't do it very often at all. Thanks for the reminder!


Your picture of Sam in the spiderman costume reminds me so much of Pat in his batman & superman costumes (at that age) don't think he still wears them - HA!


Hmmm... that's between me and Pat!


Dixie, I guess all kids like to dress up. We have a picture of our oldest boy when he was about Sam's age wearing a Batman costume and Ashley's plastic Barbie shoes. I'm saving that one for his future bride!

Andi, the gratitude list has helped me put things in perspective. And I read recently that studies show doing something like that is more effective when done regularly, but not daily, so no pressure to keep something else up every day.

Ginger Schooling

I'm going to do gratitude posts also! What a good idea. Sorry I am copying you Angela, but I am GRATEFUL for your good ideas! :)


I tagged you!!!!


This post is incredibly sweet! I love green eyes and blonde eyelashes too...it's what I have. Teehee.

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